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FreeBird is aimed at the enthusiast with the need for a comprehensive listing of current to historic types from homebuilt through to the latest jet aircraft; FreeBird currently holds data for over 1 million airframes!

FreeBird is edited by a knowledgeable, dedicated group of aviation enthusiasts from many different professional backgrounds, all of whom give up their time for the development of our hobby.

FreeBird has been in existence for over 20 years evolving from a semi-static, PC based MS Access database to today's dynamic, technology agnostic, on-line resource that embraces modern technology to the benefit of today's aircraft enthusiast.

The database can be accessed, updated and used in real-time from a variety of devices including PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone; all that you need is internet connectivity.

No longer is there a need to wait for distributed database updates to record your aircraft sightings and photographs, this can now be done in real-time from your device whilst you are on the move or at an airport.

FreeBird, the aviation database by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

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